Our purpose: : to become a leading company in production of the high-quality wooden interior doors in Ukraine.
We see our mission in providing of the highest quality for the product’s consumers.
Our values: to work in the interests of people, which are nearby us, but, primarily in the interests of our existing and potential customers.
The best award for us – is a positive customer’s response.



The company Wakewood operates at the market of Ukraine more than 15 years, it has representations and authorized dealers on a nationwide scale. For the time of its work, the company proved itself as a producer of the high quality products and as a reliable partner.
The constantly updating exclusive product line allows to move with the time and to correspond to the current tendencies in the fashion of the designer indoor space environment.
“Wakewood” products are produced at the most modern equipment of Italian and German production. All door leaf components are maximally natural and harmless for health. The use of the veneer of natural wood species and qualitative parquet varnish of Italian production guarantees the long-time exploitation of a door without worsening of those, how it looks.
The designers of the company will help you to bring into life virtually any technologically possible project according to the customer’s drawings.
Our company provides a guarantee for all manufactured products for a period of 24 months and it is absolutely responsible for the quality of its products before the Purchaser.